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Name: Rafal
Born: 03 Oct 1982 / Silesia (Poland)
Nickname: thorkill (now) ... (past) /thorolf/cache

I'm curretnly living in Hannover (Germany) and working as a sysop and developer for local ISP.
I do also work for SRA as a student of the Leibniz University of Hannover . Reverse engineering, antivirus technology, psychology and few other things are subject for my daily reasearches.

I'm pure whitehat. Here you will find more info ;-).
One could say I'm a deviant, but who is not?. Only normal people right?
As many other people I have got "profiled" [PL].

.: Code

Daily used programing languages: C, Perl, Python, PHP
Study related stuff:

.: Art

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Here you will find some books I have found interesting,usefull or funny (simply I have enjoned it):

GPS (iBLUE 747 gps logger)

Movies I like:

Misc stuff:

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